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Ecosys Cleaners

Solving the problem of delivering water-free cleaners without plastic waste.

Moisture-Proof Eco-Friendly Sachets


Current market options include plastic pouches.

Paper-based options are not heat-sealable or moisture-resistant.


'The Good Coating' is a direct replacement of plastic pouches. Our moisture-proof paper sachet is heat sealable.


With every pouch of Ecosys Cleaners, 10g of plastic is saved from entering land fills.


Custom-printed moisture-proof packaging for Ecosys Cleaners acts as a direct replacement for the LDPE pouches at a competitive price. Hence reducing the carbon footprint and plastic pollution!

custom size and design printed pouches
plastic-free kraft pouches

heat sealable
moisture resistant sachet

Plastic-free sachet for packaging eco-friendly cleaners.

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