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Wofzerash is a specialty coffee brand, a brainchild of Ashwin Paranjpye who is practising agro-forestry and ecological farming since 2008. 

100% of the coffee beans are sown by birds.

Moisture-Proof Pillow Pouch


  • Specialty coffee beans are highly sensitive to moisture which makes moisture protection extremely crucial.


  • The only options available in the market are MLP (multi-layer packaging) of aluminum, plastic and paper which makes it unfit to recycle 


The Kraft Pillow Pouch is lined with ‘The Good Coating’ on the inside making it moisture-resistant as well as heat-sealable 


We use 'The Good Ink' made with plant-based pigments to provide 100% home compostable packaging.


Each pillow pouch designed for Wofzerash saves 10 grams of unrecyclable plastic waste.


Eco-conscious brands like Wofzerash use natural processes to grow specialty coffee. Packaging the beans in 100% plastic-free pouches closes the loop. 

heat sealable

moisture resistant pillow pouches

eco-friendly printing
with 100% plant-based pigment & seaweed

Screen-Printing with Plant-Based Pigments

100% plastic-free kraft pouches with eco-friendly printing.

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