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Aegean Candles

Aegean provides luxury scented candles crafted with soy wax, fragrant oils, and natural herbs designed to clear up negative energy.

Premium Candle Boxes with unique designs


Luxury candle packaging requires EPE foam or bubble wrap cushioning. Both of these options are harmful to the environment and do not offer any special unboxing experience in alignment with the brand image.


Ribbon bow-tie is designed to make the box stand out and provides a unique unboxing experience.


The coconut coir provides an extra layer of cushioning to prevent breakages and replce bubble wrap.


For every candle delivered, 6 layers of bubble wrap are saved, reducing 10 meters of plastic waste.


We designed a special box that acts as a perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality.


While the coconut coir ensures no breakages in transit, the ribbons and box design provides a unique unboxing experience which is imperative for a luxury gifting product.

unique unboxing experience

flat pack boxes designed 

The Good Bubble Wrap used to replace EPE foam and create impact cushioning

Premium Unboxing Experience with added cushioning from inside to prevent breakages

Luxury candle packaging design focused on unboxing experience.

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