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Our Story

While a sustainable lifestyle is something that is embraced and followed by the founders, it was a realization that just trying to live an environmentally conscious life by a few set of individuals is not going to solve the climate issues that we are facing as a collective.


“We come from a land of 1.4 billion people where everyone believes someone else will solve the problem. We want to be that someone”


This ideology led to the formation of Go Do Good, a research and innovation company based in Pune, Maharashtra which specializes in providing 100% sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

Founding Team

Go Do Good's Core Team Members

Our Approach

At Go Do Good, we believe in embracing circular economy and concepts of green chemistry to find alternative options for single use plastic packaging.


While recycling has become the new trend and go-to solution let’s not make it ‘the solution’!
Let’s reuse agro waste, bio waste, invasive plants and everything that is regenerative.


Be it taking inspiration from different industries to enhance the experience we offer to our clients to having a team of diverse individuals who bring in their vast experience from varying sectors, we strongly believe in the process of cross-pollination to grow our brand portfolio stronger and wider.


Transparency is fundamental to our ethos. We prioritise raw material traceability, utilising bio-based materials from agro-waste in rural regions, ensuring sustainability and ethical practices.


Beyond environmental concerns, our dedication extends to societal upliftment, particularly empowering rural communities, especially women, through skill development and employment opportunities.

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