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The Gala Foam

The Gala Foam is an impact protection + insulation providing material made entirely from wool-waste. 

It acts as a direct replacement for thermocol , EPE foam, and gel packs currently used in the market to prevent products from melting in transit.

Available in abundance in our country, wool is a material which has excellent properties such as :

  • Heat Insulation

  • Water-wicking

  • Great aesthetics 

  • Impact protection

Ever wondered how paper-based packaging remains water-proof ?

These papers are lined with plastic laminations to make them fit for the packaging industry.

PE-coated paper, lamination, wax coating, and other plastic film packaging are not recyclable and end up in landfills and; even worse, water bodies.

Paper-based stand-up pouches, boxes, trays, or cups are often lined with plastic making them unfit to recycle or biodegrade.

This led us to source naturally occurring Indian indigenous gums which are available in abundance in our country. Using concepts of green chemistry, we have formulated The Good Coating, a 100% Bio-based coating to replace PE and wax-based coatings.


Impact Resistant Envelope

Ice-cream & Frozen Food Industry

Chocolate Industry 

Cosmetic & Perfume Box Liner

Vegetable & Fruit Foam Net 


Compromise List

One of the key aspects of Go Do Good is to stay connected with the local farmer communities. Through the connects made from the farmers, we were told that back in the day, wool obtained from the yearly shearing of their sheep was a great source of income for them. The reason being that it was bought by the textile and clothing industry to make woollens and jackets from it.

Sadly, because of globalisation, the demand for wool as a raw material has gone drastically which has completely ruined the shepherds’ source of income. 

After identifying this problem, we, at Go Do Good, carried out our tests on the wool-waste to find out that it has great potential in becoming a packaging product. Its heat insulation properties make it a perfect fit the packaging of temperature sensitive products like chocolates, ice-creams and a lot more!

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