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Paul & Mike

Paul & Mike is a micro cafe based in Mumbai serving signature desserts and chocolates.

Plastic-Free Pastry Boards


Commercially available pastry boards come with a plastic lining to make them oil and grease-proof.


Our eco-friendly pastry boards supplied to Paul & Mike are water, grease, and moisture-proof without any plastic elements.


Printed with 'The Good Ink' to make the product 100% Sustainable.


Each pastry board supplied helps to replace non-recyclable pastry boards.


The Eco-friendly pastry and cake boards can help brands reduce the carbon footprint to a great extent by being completely plastic-free. 


Lined with “The Good Coating” and printed with “The Good Ink”, these boards do not absorb any moisture, oil, or butter.

grease, oil, and moisture-proof

plant-based printing

custom brand printing

cost-effective and unique

Eco-Friendly Pastry Boards
Eco-Friendly Screen Printing

Plastic-free pastry board with eco-friendly printing.

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