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From lamps to wall decor, Kuppikali’s expertise in up-cycling glass waste is truly inspiring.

Tape-Free packaging design for premium brands
Custom shape packaging design for fragile glassware


Fragile products tend to have a high percentage of breakage even after the use of bubble wrap and foam.


The packaging solutions currently in the market only include plastic options, making sustainability impossible to achieve.


A 100% Biodegradable packaging solution which includes coconut coir as an inner layer providing 6x higher impact protection.


Every package of the Kuppakali box saves 6 layers of bubble wrap equivalent to 1 meter.


Take a look at the unique design which not only eliminates the use of bubble wrap and tape but also provides a unique unboxing experience. Along with this, the 100% plant-based printing makes the packaging completely sustainable and biodegradable.

coconut coir bubble wrap replacement

printing with 'The Good Ink'

unique box design

tape-free outer packaging for seamless unboxing

Eco-Friendly Printing using plant-based pigments

Custom shape packaging design for fragile glassware.

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