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The Good Coating

Our coating is a proprietary formulation of the Go Do Good Lab, made from plant-based gums developed by ancient knowledge from 3,000 years ago.

Water-Resistant Natural Coating
  • Oil-Resistant 

  • Grease Proof 

  • Water-Resistant

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Heat Sealable

Ever wondered how paper-based packaging remains water-proof ?

These papers are lined with plastic laminations to make them fit for the packaging industry.

PE-coated paper, lamination, wax coating, and other plastic film packaging are not recyclable and end up in landfills and; even worse, water bodies.

Paper-based stand-up pouches, boxes, trays, or cups are often lined with plastic making them unfit to recycle or biodegrade.

This led us to source naturally occurring Indian indigenous gums which are available in abundance in our country. Using concepts of green chemistry, we have formulated The Good Coating, a 100% Bio-based coating to replace PE and wax-based coatings.


E-Commerce Envelopes 

Bio-Cleaning Powder 

Frozen Food Packaging

Coated Paper  Roll

F&B Industry

FMCG Sector


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