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Alter Native

Alter Native is a home-grown brand focused on providing freshly made plant-based millet, almond, and oat drinks to health-conscious individuals.

100% Moisture-Resistant Stickers


To refrigerate the bottles, labels are laminated with plastic.


Commercially available bottle labels and stickers use toxic adhesives and glues. They are backed with a non-recyclable release paper as a non-stick surface.


The Good Sticker is the perfect solution which solve two problems:


The sticker does not absorb water, hence it is perfectly suitable for cold storage drinks


To apply the labels, we use natural glue made with tamarind seed. This non-toxic glue acts as an equally strong adhesive as compared to the commercial toxic adhesives.


With every sticker label, we save the toxic release paper, synthetic adhesive, and laminated plastic applied on paper to make it water-resistant.


Stickers and labels are extremely important to convey vital brand information on products. At Go Do Good, we have developed 100% biodegradable and home-compostable stickers which are moisture resistant as well as use toxic-free glue.

suitable for refrigeration

water-resistant with 'The Good Coating'

non-toxic glue made with tamarind seed

custom colours and sizes designed as per the bottle size

Plastic-free bottle label suitable for refrigeration.

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