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Saving Grains

Bangalore-based brand makes crafted Upcycled Ladoos with brewers' spent grain which is a nutritious by-product of the beer brewing process.

E-Commerce Mithai Box


Laddoos are susceptible to breakage in logistics, especially when they have to travel long distances.


Boxes available in the market are made from rigid material. They are expensive and occupy volume, which increases the cost of logistics.


The E-commerce laddoo box designed by Go Do Good solves both problems at the same time.


The inner tray provided prevents the laddoos from unnecessary movement in transit.


The entire packaging can be flat-packed, which increases stack-ability while still providing the same strength and support as that of a rigid box.


Each E-Commerce box supplied to Saving Grains replaces a plastic laminated rigid box.


The E-Commerce Laddoo Box designed by Go Do Good not only prevents the breakages in logistics, it is also an aesthetically premium looking box which is supplied flat-packed. 

A perfect blend of functionality, cost-saving and premium looks!

lined with a plastic-free coating

keeps it airtight and fresh

prevents breakages

no cello tape required 

Prevent breakages in logistics with the inner tray to keep laddoos intact in transit

Plastic free e-commerce laddoo box.

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