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The Good Bubble Wrap

Acting as a direct replacement for bubble wrap, The Good Bubble Wrap is made from agricultural waste materials like coconut coir and wool waste which offer excellent cushioning properties for fragile products.

To source this material, we work with various farmer communities at a grassroots level for ethical sourcing.

The Good Bubble Wrap is 100% biodegradable and home-compostable, hence acting as a perfect eco-friendly solution for breakages in logistics.

Coconut Coir Pouches for glass bottles
  • 6x higher impact protection

  • Reduces manual labour 

  • Enhances unboxing experience

Bubble wrap is not recyclable.

With impact protection being the most important requirement during logistics, the need for bubble wrap is unquestionable. It is safe to say that bubble wrap causes immense single-use plastic waste to enter landfills and oceans. 

Did you know, as per the Packaging Club UK, 240,000 miles of bubble wrap are produced globally?

Just to give perspective, this is enough to stretch around the earth’s equator 10 times!

With over a year of R&D and supply-chain management, we have manufactured market ready products like The Good Bubble Wrap Envelopes, Pouches & Sheets.


Festive Gifting

Fragile Glass & Ceramic ware 

E-commerce Shipping 


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