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Material Library

Materials act as the backbone for packaging needs. A diverse range of materials fulfills the functional, structural, and technical requirements of any package. Right from keeping it anti-bacterial to moisture-proof to reducing breakages.

Our strength lies in the identification of indigenous raw materials that have the potential to replace some of the hazardous industry standard packaging products.

Since 2020, Go Do Good has developed 6 core materials to replace laminated paper, bubble wrap, EPE foam, toxic printing inks, and LDPE plastic.

100% Bio-based. 0% Plastic.

  • Using natural glue which is an equally strong adhesive as compared to commercial toxic adhesives available in the market.


  • Made with tamarind seed, our stickers come in custom sizes, shapes, and prints.

  • The Gala Foam is an impact protection + insulation providing material made entirely from wool-waste. 


  • It acts as a direct replacement for thermocol , EPE foam, and gel packs currently used in the market to prevent products from melting in transit.

  •  The Good Bubble Wrap is made from agricultural waste materials like coconut coir and wool waste which offer excellent cushioning properties for fragile products.


  • To source this material, we work with various farmer communities at a grassroots level for ethical sourcing.

  • Our printing services are powered by 100% sustainable and plastic-free ink that’s kind to the environment.


  • Water-based inks formulated with seaweed and plant-based pigments at our Go Do Good lab.  

  • Our coating is a proprietary formulation of the Go Do Good Lab, made from plant-based gums developed by ancient knowledge from 3,000 years ago.

Coming Soon...

Everything developed in our lab is a result of passion, love and labour! Every experiment is a journey between the known, the unknown and everything in-between! We’re constantly looking for new material alternatives for the packaging industry

Seaweed Film

  • A plastic-free material made from algae sourced from the coastal region of India. Formulated with a proprietary blend by borrowing mechanical processes from other sectors this film can be wrapped, heat-sealed into pouches or used as a sheet.

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