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“Mithai.Best” brings to you a blend of tradition and health.

Auto-Click Mithai Box


The only options available in the market for packaging mithai are laminated paper boxes lined with either plastic or foil.


To prevent items from getting spoilt, additional layers of tape are needed which use toxic adhesives.


The Auto-Click Mithai Box by Go Do Good.


This box is lined with “The Good Coating” which prevents any oil or ghee from being absorbed.


The design of the box is as sturdy as a rigid box at half the cost. It also prevents the use of any additional tape because of the Auto-Click mechanism.


Each Auto-Click box replaces non-recyclable plastic laminated box from reaching landfills.


This box design seals in the goodness without the need for any extra packaging. The auto-lock mechanism is a one-of-a-kind design which eliminates the use of tape offering a unique unboxing experience.

plastic-free, grease-resistant

auto click mechanism

easy to pack

flat pack boxes are pre-assembled

Design Ideation By Go Do Good

Plastic-free mithai boxes with custom design printing.

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