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things we're working on:

  • Material Anthropology

  • Construction Waste Decor Panel

  • Felt Tile from Lint Waste

  • Mycelium Material

  • Water-Resistant Paper & Fabric

  • Bio Ink

  • Sustainable Surf Wax

  • Biodegradable Packaging

Everyday mundane objects and interactions have a (waste) story to unfold. Always looking to link strategies, ideas, processes and material samples. Get in touch if you want to be associated with green businesses.

Your guide to building regenerative businesses. Research-led design lab developing + manufacturing waste-to-value materials & sustainable packaging.


sustainable packaging eco friendly

sustainable packaging


The world is moving towards eco-friendly products but we still struggle with biodegradable packaging. We provide innovative solutions for regenerative systems.

Protective E-commerce | Film | Pouch |  Box | Gifting

material development


We're with you from the first phase! Building circular materials and production systems as per your needs. Our focus lies in composing the right ingredients to giving the perfect texture required. We build materials to engage all senses and make them interactive. Manufacturing innovative natural materials #greenchemistry

Biomaterial | Waste-to-value material | Tackle environmental pollution | Agro-waste

sustainable packaging eco friendly

art concept + product

Collaborate to create art and make installations using materials sourced from waste to spread awareness on various social and ecology topics. Check our limited edition decor items made from different wast streams.

Useless. Usefull. Usewaste.

Waste to value journey. sustainable material design
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