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We’re changing what
sustainable packaging means!

Beyond using recycled paper.
Plastic-free coating. Eco-friendly printing. Stickers. Bubble Wrap

What’s in-store?

From mithai boxes, cake boards, single-serve bowls, coasters, stickers, wedding cards, labels, heat sealable stand-up pouches, bubble wrap pouches, e-commerce envelopes, packaging sleeves, hang tags to personalised packaging, we have something for everyone!

Packaging = Fun + Functional

water + grease resistant plastic-free packaging!

Good for People. Good for Planet.


Material Innovation Lab

Can Sustainable Packaging Save The Planet? We think it’s a good place to start. Explore our approach to developing new materials and alternatives in the packaging space to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Seaweed Flexible Film

  • Eco-friendly Printing

  • Water-Resistant Packaging

  • Sustainable Stickers

  • Bubble Wrap Alternatives


Green Leaves

Impact Level


Workshops | Courses | Modules

Change starts with awareness!

We conduct various workshops with schools, corporate offices, and village communities to integrate sustainability into their lifestyles.

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