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Heavy duty The Good Bubble Wrap Pouch

Heavy duty The Good Bubble Wrap Pouch


Enhance the unboxing experience for your customer and save time on packing with our eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap rolls. 

The Eco bubble wrap is a plastic-free cushion for delicate e-commerce products. The lightweight cushioning material inside is made from agro fibre mix, making this product ideal for ceramic ware, glassware and terracotta, as well as fragile items such as soft goods, breakable ware and e-commerce items. 


Tried & tested: 6ft drop test. Can take weight of 1000ml glass bottle.

    • 100% recyclable

    • Home-compostable

    • Naturally sourced raw materials

    • Conceptualised & manufactured in India

  • Dimension:

    250ml - 6in by 7in

    500ml - 7in by 9in


    Material Used:

    Natural Coir Roll

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