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Material Innovation

Everything developed in our lab is a result of passion, love, and labour! Every experiment is a journey between the known, the unknown, and everything in-between! We’re constantly looking for new material alternatives for the packaging industry. Let us walk you through our story of material innovation so far…

In the pipeline:

  • Delivery insulation pouch

  • Fruit & vegetable packaging

  • Thermocol replacementnt

  • Material Anthropology

  • Construction Waste Decor Panel

  • Felt Tile from Lint Waste

  • Mycelium Insulation

  • Water-Resistant Paper & Fabric

  • Sustainable Surf Wax

Everyday mundane objects and interactions have a (waste) story to unfold. Always looking to link strategies, ideas, processes and material samples. Get in touch if you want to be associated with green businesses.

hay wrap

sustainable biodegradable bubble wrap

friendly clinch wrap

biodegradable clinch wrap
bio art installation sustainable interior decor

cigarette butt fibre

biodegradable plastic

coffee by-product

walnut shell

waste to value service sustainable packaging

egg shell

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