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While plastic waste is a behavioural and infrastructure rooted problem, the need to find an alternative is essential. Algae turns carbon dioxide (CO2) into algae biomass via carbon sequestration. Algae sequesters 20 times more CO2 from the atmosphere compared to land-based forests. Once the CO2 is locked up in algae biomass it can be harvested for use after maturity.


  • Oil-Proof

  • Flexible

  • Transparent

  • Water-Resistant

  • Home Compostable

  • Heat Sealable

  • Lightweight

no compromise list

  • Green chemistry

  • Energy-efficient process

  • Food grade

  • Biodegradable

  • No VOCs

100% natural and sustainably sourced. We make sure none of the raw material is petroleum-based or unethically sourced.

A plastic-free material made from algae sourced from the coastal region of India. Formulated with a proprietary blend by borrowing mechanical processes from other sectors this film can be wrapped, heat-sealed into pouches or used as a sheet.

Frndly Seaweed Flexible Film

We’re currently working on setting up the manufacturing unit. Price, gsm and quantity will be shared when we start accepting orders.


Order sample(s) sheets and pouches. 

Please note: Sample pricing and MOQ pricing will vary.

Liquid Pouch - Oil | Milk | Ghee

Perishable Food Pack - Pulses | Flour

Tubes Pouch - Oil-based Cosmetic | Skincare | Cleaners 

Clinch Wrap Roll

Food Wrap - Bread | Cheese | Candy | Butter



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