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Plastic bubble wrap is not a sustainable form of packaging. It is not recyclable and increases our carbon and environmental footprint.


  • Print-friendly

  • Lightweight

  • Custom size

  • Custom branding

  • Different GSMs

  • Impact-resistant

  • Thermal insulation

no compromise list

  • No Formaldehyde

  • Biodegradable

  • No VOCs

100% natural and sustainably sourced. We make sure none of the raw material is petroleum-based or unethically sourced.

100% natural with biodegradable fibre used for packing fragile items. Packaging material to protect goods against shock in transport. Hassle-free boxing and unboxing with custom pouch sizes and rolls. Custom branding and varied thickness available.

The Good Bubble Wrap



Bubble wrap alternative

Protective pouch

E-commerce packaging

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